Truth in Progress in the News

From this week’s Windy City Times:


One response to “Truth in Progress in the News

  1. Eight Comments from email

    Whoo hoo! Go girl, go!!!! This rocks.
    Barbara Allen

    Splendid! Thrilled to learn of this new venture. I’ll be following it! –
    Marjorie Procter-Smith

    Haven’t dug into in detail yet but I’m thrilled to hear you are reviving this project.

    congrats and good luck with the project!! Suzy

    Your project sounds very exciting. C.M.

    Congratulations! I love the title – and especially that you describe yourself as a not-so-tired-anymore…
    If Dallas qualifies for inclusion, I would be honored to participate…. Susan

    Congratulations on the WIndy CIty Times article! I’m really excited about the project and look forward to learning from your work! Bonnie

    Marilyn, You rock!! You are who I want to be when I grow up. 🙂
    Love, Pat

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